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LELAND MI | September 2020 | Dune Holdings Group completes the MVP version of it’s new Disruptive Retail Technology “eCommerce  Live Omnichannel - eShop LIVE” and will be conducting its ALPHA testing in its new Pinehurst DuneBerry Resort Wear store by Spring 2021.  The company has made a commitment to move its core operations to NC in order to grow eLive Omni within the Raleigh Research Triangle Park (RTP), the largest research park in the United States.  The company plans BETA testing in 10+ stores by mid-2021 and rolling-out its eShop Live technology into the Retail market by the end of the year.

PiINEHURST, NC | October 1, 2020 | DuneBerry Pinehurst, LLC signs lease for its latest DuneBerry Resort Wear store in the historic Village of Pinehurst 120 Market Sq.  The 2,300 SF store will be the largest Apparel store in the Village and combined with its Duneberry Shoes Etcetera store a  half block away, creates the largest retailer in the Village.  The Pinehurst DuneBerry Resort Wear store will be almost identical to the company’s Leland, MI store, an upscale multigenerational "Family" Resort Wear store with classic, preppy and sophisticated women’s, men’s & children’s resort wear (gifts & accessories).  United States Golf Association (USGA) recently announced it is moving half of its operations to Pinehurst which is already known as the “Golf Capital of the World.”  The greater Pinehurst area has over 1.1M annual visitors with the largest attractions being Golf and Equestrian events.

LELAND, MI | November 2020 | DuneBerry Resort Wear, Leland completed its 9th successful season in the Northwestern MI resort town of Leland (Fishtown) near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline from which the DuneBerry name was formed.  Our 2,000 SF upscale multigenerational “Family” Resort Wear store is the largest Apparel store in Leland, providing for a unique, fun and happy-place shopping experience for locals and the 1.7 Million annual visitors to Leelanau County.

PINEHURST, NC | December 15, 2020 | DuneBerry Pinehurst, LLC opens DuneBerry Shoes Etcetera in the historic Village of Pinehurst 36 Chinquapin Road.  The 750 SF Boutique will carry popular brands of women’s and men’s shoes, gifts and accessories as well as DuneBerry Brand Pinehurst Logo Wear.  Currently the store is a DuneBerry Resort Wear Pop-up until renovations are complete (Mid-March) for its 2,300 SF DuneBerry Resort Wear store, also in the Village at 120 Market Sq. 

PINEHURST, NC | February 15, 2021 | DuneBerry Pinehurst, LLC retains Grand Rapids, MI based Mitchell Intellectual Property Law for a Registered Trademark for an exciting new Logo Wear Brand - announcement pending the completion of registration.

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